Thursday, August 26, 2004

Happy Onam

Onam festival is coming. AvaniAvittom also as usual.

Happy onam to all viewers

Note: Onam is a traditional festival celebrated by the people of Kerala and Malayalis worldwide

Busy Days

I was little busy for the last two weeks. I also installed Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 1 on my laptop and I'm exploring it.

It's a fun at olympics. India losing in Hockey, Tennis and grabing a silver medal in shooting. I'm not posting anything here with regard to long jump - Anju BG is there. She is from my home state - Kerala. Leander and Mahesh losing heavily at tennis.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another hectic week

It has been an another busy week for me as I've to do lot of things. I finally fixed the modem issue by purchasing a new AC adapter from lighthouse. I think I'll not experience any disconnection problems here afterwards. Let's see..

Friday, August 13, 2004

Hectic Week Closed

A very busy week ended. Responding to customer queries and other activities compelled me to be busy.

I hope one of my article will be published this month.

I want to do something on the renovation of my site.

I hope I can complete the pending things during the coming week.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Check this out

Got it

Finally, I located my profile page. It's on the final page.

Can you remember this URL?" target = "_blank">

MVP Bios

I'm now searching for my MVP profile page on

Cool Climate

It's very cool nowadays due to the rain which TVM got over the last couple of days. I hope it will continue for few more days.

Installation Days

It has been busy installation days for me. I've had to clean up my laptop due to corruption in Longhorn and I decided to install Windows XP Pro this time instead of Longhorn Alpha.

OS and its associated drivers installation takes time but it's cool. Today, I installed XP SP2 on it.

Hopefully, on Monday I'll install VS.NET 2005 Beta and Office 2003 but not sure abt it.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Bye Bye Longhorn

Longhorn crashed and I have to reinstall the entire system once again. The problem occured as a result of the installation of VS 2005 Beta 1. Longhorn is now in an unstable state of mind. I hope it will be back soon. I'm unable to install LDK which Abhiskek had sennt to me last week.

India Loses

India lost to SL in the ASIA Cup cricket match. It's very sad to note that India lost the match despite the low total they have to face. SL guy's bowled very well indeed. Cricket is really a funny game.

Indian guys became overconfident after restricting India to 228. This is the problem. Even if the total is 100, they should work hard.